Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Konmari technique: decluttering my life

After a year of fly lady and going from chaos to can have anyone over sister, I think I am ready to try the Kon Mari technique. I had read of this in Houzz and my dearest friend Cindu mentioned it to me recently. I was hesitant if I could go through what I thought was a shock type of declutter program but I realise that all things I have practiced last year including regular 27 fling boogie ( getting 27 things out of the house at one short time interval) , give a thing every day of the month, no buy weeks, clothes and earring purges, still my house is filled with things. I love it but I wanted a more spiritual  way of working with letting go. I just got the " spark joy" book by Marie Kondo.If you are doing this first time, do go with Maria Ciley's sink reflections or Marie Kondo's first book " life changing magic of tidying up."
I started using paper planners last year and this has led to creating time to do things I love, including blogging which is one of my passions.  So what better way to use some of that extra time than to blog on decluttering, in a real way. So there is an order to declutter using categories and so I am going to adapt the Kon Mari technique to the baby steps of fly lady. As I go along let me see how it works. First I set the timer to 30 minutes, the Kon Mari takes more time than a regular fly lady declutter. For the fly lady way you  get to a pile of clutter and separate it to the categories : keep, give away, and trash piles/ baskets. Then we put back the stuff. This was great in dealing with paper, stationery, clothes, books and all sorts of pots and pans. But my "keep" pile always was a bit larger and I didn't feel I had actually got rid of much stuff. It was also hard to decide what to keep and what to give away. MK says to begin with clothes. So today after a reading few pages of the spark joy book I pulled out all the night clothes from my cupboard and piled it on my bed. ( the bed is clean, sheets changed and well made as soon as I got up as a part of my morning routine , the flylady style. Here are the pictures of the results.

pile all clothes on bed.

Each article of clothing is picked up, held in my hand , hugged, felt to see if it sparks joy.

Joy is not excitement or a wild sense of exhilaration but the quiet comfort of happiness, familiarity, content.
give away and the donate pile after thanking
final keep nightwear  that goes into my cupboard.

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