Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cleverer people than me are telling me that all the hype about Anna Hazare is silly. / More people are pointing out to me that Irom's fast has been going around for 10 years yet " people" don't support her. Others make very pertinent remarks about the " disturbing" Jan Lokpal bill.

I have stood for trees, lakes and rocks. By tigers and narmada valley people. The anti- kaiga and the anti-road widening. I have always added to the mass of protesters doing what I think is right and carrying on a crusade in which 9 times out of ten I lose.
 My voice is small but often unheard in the greater concerns of skepticism. Yet I voice myself. Not out a great motive to make a world shattering difference but in the hope that my voice will add to the strength of all the clamor. A clamor that peaks and wanes in time. Each peak is linked by a handful of committed people like me who continue to hold on to lost causes. And sometimes, we make a commitment to join a particular protest, not because other causes are less important. But becoz sometimes it is important to support things whose time has come.
 The lokpal bill's time has come.
 I understand I have to speak for Irom too. And the tigers and the mountains of odisha and the dalit students and the poorly paid garment workers. But right now as I raise my voice for the lokpal bill. Silence Skeptics.  I am at least not dead, resigned and bitter as you are, I will fight.

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